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Parenting Magazines in India-Top 10

Best parenting magazine in India

Ranking the best parenting magazines in India

Parenting is something, I consider as challenging yet rewarding job. As a parent, we try to look every possible alternative that is best for our kids, and to look out for best parenting magazines is one of them. This is why today, we are going to tell you best parenting magazines in India.

India is much different than as compared to other countries in the world. And when it comes to parenting, things are different as well.

Best parenting magazine in India

Indian parenting styles is different. And, one of the main reasons why it so different, is because of the cultural and demographic difference in this nation.

Nonetheless, doesn’t matter on which side of the country you lives, one thing that has been the same, and that is our love and affection towards our kids.

Doesn’t matter if you are living on the top of the nation or in the bottom, our love, affection, care and interest towards our child will remain the same.

I am not a parent, but I am well aware with the fact that, how thrilling and amazing experience it is to, be a parent.

The whole process of parenting is heart warming, and as a parent we want to do our best to raise them the best way we can.

As far as parenting magazines in India are concerned, doesn’t matter, if we are googling everything we need, but parenting magazines in India are something, that has its own spark.

Today, we are going to tell you, the 10 best parenting magazines in India, that will help you to do parenting in more effective way.

1. Child


We have Child topping the chart. It is one of the best parenting magazines in India that gives you best and current methods of baby upbringing.

It deals with the parenting related to new born baby to seven year old kid.

In India, Child is published by Exposure Media Marketing that is an associate part of Burda international.

2. Mother and Baby


If you are looking for a plethora of innovative and nicely presented articles than Mother and Baby will be your choice.

Mother and Baby is a month magazine that is published by Nextgen Publishing and it is available in most of the places in India.

3. Junior


Junior grabs the third spot in our list of best parenting magazines in India. It is published by Media Star in India.

Junior is one of those parenting magazine that will provide you interesting and innovative articles for parenting.

4. Responsible parenting


It is also a monthly parenting magazine that is published by Silverzone Enterprises throughout the nation.

It my personal opinion, it is one of those parenting magazines in India, that will give you main tips regarding discipline and etiquette in parenting.

So, if you are a discipline seeker parent, try this one.

5. Parent Edge


One of the most sophisticated magazines in our nation, Parent Edge is on the fifth spot.

Parent Edge is published and marketed by Prayag Consultancy in India.

One of the main reasons why I called it as the most sophisticated magazine of India, is because it focuses on educational and intellect of kids with high quality articles.

6. Parents India


One of the most popular magazines that is published by Maxposure Media Group.

It is one of those parenting magazines in India, that primarily focuses on new generation of moms.

It’s article are mainly centered around the the best and most advanced methods of parenting in the new generation.

7. Parenting Magazine


After Parents India, we have got Parenting Magazine in the list. It is one of the oldest magazines in the nation.

It is owned and published by First City Publications for over 20 years. It revolves around the pregnancy and baby feeding.

8. Parent and Child


It is published by Euro Kids international in all over the country with good amount of popularity.

Parent and Child is one of those parenting magazines in India, that focuses on everything related to a child such as, baby feeding, education, health and other things.

9. Parenting Magazine (Firstcity Publications)


Don’t get confuse with the magazine on seventh spot, this is one of the most oldest and trusted parenting magazines in India.

It has been published by the Firstcity Publications for over two decades now.

It is also related to pregnancy, baby feeding and other things.

10. Parent circle

parent-circle as best parenting magazines in India.

We are wrapping up this countdown with Parent circle on the tenth spot.

Parent circle has a large variety of quality articles related to various topics on parenting and child issues.

Parent circle is published by Shri Harini Media Ltd.

Well, there are plenty other parenting magazines in India that are doing well. But, we had to choose only best ten.

Parenting is a very huge and complicated task that requires a lot of efforts and perseverance, and these parenting magazines in India will definitely assist you for better parenting.

This is all for now. What do you think about these parenting magazines in India? Which parenting magazines in India, you prefer?

Feel free to comment in the box below and for more articles related to love, relationship and parenting, stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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