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Top 10 Parenting Quotes


Best parenting quotes to personify greatness of parents

Parenting is the greatest form of love. Not every love and affection last forever but the affection and true love of parenting that always last forever. This is why parenting quotes looks so beautiful.

Parenting, as I have mentioned many times, is the greatest job that has ever assigned by the god to parents.

When a child born, they doesn’t even know what life is all about. At that time, parents become their first teacher in life who holds their hands and take them to the journey of life.


Parents teach us that what is best for our life. It is all about our upbringing that makes us different from others.

There is no doubt that we all love to glorify our parents, and the whole world bow down to the greatness of parenting every time something unique related to parents happen.

There are a lot of movie makes, music composer and novelist have tried to personify the greatness of parents in life.

But every time parenting quotes takes the cake, quotes are something that are quick, precise and acts real all the time. There is a flow of parenting quotes these days that defines the greatness of parenting in life.

We tried to put 10 best parenting quotes in order to salute those, who have given their best for us and to make what we are today.

So, here are the top 1o parenting quotes.


1-ori parenting quotes


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that for children, their parents are the first superhero and probably the greatest.

It is necessary for parents now to be what they want to see their child become in life. Kids learn from parents, hence, it is necessary for them to be a hero in their eyes.



For a child, their parents are everything and everything means everything. They teach them everything in life.

It is pretty obvious that a child share the most comfort with their parents than anyone else in the world. On other hands, for parents, their children are the biggest asset they have in life. They can understand everything related to child without uttering a single word.



There is nobody on the planet who was born perfect. Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws.

One of the major things that defines your child, is how much you are involved with them.

They may not be the best but as a parent, you need to keep working on them to make him a better person.



This is one of those parenting quotes that defines remembrance.  Children don’t forget anything. They don’t forget what happened in their lives. It is something god gifted for them.

Therefore it is necessary for parents to give them sweet and positive memories in life. Memories that affect them positively not in a negative form.



Another parenting quote on what you want your kids to be. It is always essential for us to give them fair lessons in life.

And for giving fair lessons in life, we need to be better person on the first place.



Action speaks louder than words. We all have heard this quotation on many occasion and this is one one those parenting quotes that proves it right.

Doesn’t matter if your child is an introvert, they are going to observe you in each and every activity of yours. There think before you do something, because it will definitely leave some impact on their mind.



There are few moments in life on which you can’t put a price tag on and on those moments you need to be there.

As a child, your baby always wants your presence in special moments of life such as first day of school, annual day, birthday, picnics and other things.

These are those moments that makes your bond much better and stronger.



Because, this is what our life is all about. If one falls, other is ready to hold them.

There will be time in life, when you feel devastated and broken from inside and more importantly, you will feel stressed inside. These things are inevitable in life.

And just when you get some negative thoughts in life, look at your children’s face. You are going to get a good amount of refreshment and energy, because for them, you are the best.



One of the most beautiful parenting quotes. One of the main roots of effective parenting is, how you deal with each other as a couple.

The kind of relationship you are sharing with your husband matters a lot to your kids.

If you are sharing respectful and romantic life with your partner, then it will definitely affect your parenting in a most positive way.



On last of the best parenting quotes, we have upbringing lessons for all the parents here.

One of the best parts about parenting, is that it is kind of transfer of skills and manners from parents to child.

As a parent, it is your duty, to teach your child manners, etiquette, discipline and value in life. You are going to teach them these things to make them a better person in the society.

This is all for the parenting quotes. Which parenting quotes do you like the most? What are your opinions on it?

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