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What is Authoritative Parenting


Explaining authoritative parenting in brief

Parenting is one of those topics that is wide as well as hard to elaborate. One of the most reformed topics in parenting styles is authoritative parenting.

Say what you want, but authoritative parenting is one of the most successful parenting styles around the world.

One of the main reasons why authoritative parenting has universal acceptance around the globe is because of the fact that it is producing good amount of results.


It is believed that those parents who are embracing authoritative parenting approach are linked with the most successful child outcomes.

As far as other styles of parenting are concerned that includes plain parenting, single parenting, co- parenting and many others. They are somehow, someway correlate to authoritative parenting.

There is a general conception in the parenting society that kids raised by authoritative parenting are most likely to become more independent, self reliable, respected and academic successful in his life.

It is also believed that they are more assertive than as compared to others in life. They are also very less likely to get trapped by depression and isolation in life.

These are not just the explanation with points, these things are often proved scientifically by various research.

But the question is, what is authoritative parenting? What is it all about?

Authoritative parenting

Authoritative parenting

It is one of the most child-centered approach of parenting that holds high expectations of maturity.

It is one of those sophisticated methods of parenting which is characterized by reasonable demands and high responsiveness.

It is one of those parenting styles in which parents might have high expectations for their children, and these parents also give their best of support and resources they need to succeed.

Conclusively, we can say that authoritative parenting is that type of parenting in which parents are closely interact with children, with high expectations and manners in expectations.

As I said before, authoritative parenting is one of the best approaches of parenting styles. One of the main reasons why it is so successful, is because it many focus the principle of discipline and schedules.

According to a local survey took place in 1999, it was revealed that having one authoritative parent can make a big difference.

Origin of authoritative parenting


This approach of parenting is not new, it was first coined in 1960’s, when psychologist, Diana Baumrind, described the three styles of parenting, in which one of the main styles were identified as authoritative parenting.

Characteristics of authoritative parenting

There are few elements of authoritative parenting that makes it unique and one of a kind and no wonder why, it is because of these characters, it is so successful around the globe. Few of them are following.

1. Child centered


Just like any other parenting styles, authoritative parenting is child centered.

It revolves around the child in order to provide them enough resources and quality of upbringing in order to succeed in life.

2. Listen to children


One of the main characters of this kind of parenting is that it includes child- parents interaction to the top most level.

In authoritative parenting, parents try to listen to their children’s perspective, they want to listen, what their child has to say about certain things.

3. Demand and responsiveness


The biggest character that differentiate between authoritative parenting and others, is that it contains discipline and responsiveness in nature.

In authoritative parenting, parents set expectations and demand their children to meet. They always make sure that whether their kid is working towards their goal or not.

4. Discipline


Discipline is the biggest key that defines the success rate of parenting and in case of authoritative parenting, it is its biggest character.

In this kind of parenting, discipline is considered as the the biggest tool to achieve success.

5. Praise and criticism

praise and criticism

In this kind of parenting, the level of criticism and praise is too high. It is available in all kind of parenting but in authoritative parenting, it is a bit high.

In this kind of parenting, children are going to receive regular amount of praise as well as as criticism from the parents regarding several things.

6. Promote freedom


One of the best parts about this kind of parenting is, that it involves and promote freedom in the lives of children.

This style of parenting believes that children should be given enough amount of liberty and freedom in life in order to take some minor decision in life.

Not only it will refresh them but will also make them independent in life.

7. Love and affection


Love and praise, just like any other part of parenting style, is also a part of this kind of parenting style.

There is now way, you can replicate love and affection from parenting. Just like food,water, clothes and house, love and affection is a necessity of parenting that every kid need.

This is all for now. What do you think about it? What are you views on this type of parenting?

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