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What is Co-Parenting

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What is Co-Parenting? How to make it better?

Parenting is the most complicated and the most important task in the world. It is also one of the most talked topics in the world. New thing that has become a part of parenting is Co-Parenting.

Co-Parenting is not the newest phenomena in the world but the emergence of it has seen an unprecedented rise in the past few years.


We have been talking about Co-Parenting, but the point is what does that really mean? What is it all about?



In the most simple and short words, Co-Parenting can be defined as a process, where two separated parents work together to raise a child.

In other words, it can be described as parenting relationship in which mother and father of a child are not romantically and physically involved in a relationship but still join hands to hold the responsibility of upbringing their child.

Co-Parenting is one of those things that happen after separation, divorce or any other kind of break up between the biological parents of the child.

One of the best parts about Co-Parenting, is that it involves guidance and love of both mother and father even after splitting from each other. In Co-Parenting, both mother and father put their personal issues aside to develop and implement a parenting plan for their child that can be fruitful for them.

Origin of Co-Parenting

Origin of co-parenting

Although this kind of parenting is not new. It has been since ages but, Italy was the first country, who officially coined this term in the early 21st century.

The basic principle of this kind of parenting was established by Associations of Separated Parents in 21st century.

How to do Co-Parenting ?

Besides the fact that this kind of relationship is not too much talked, but, Co-Parenting is something that has its own benefit. No wonder why, it is growing day by day. This is why, we are going to give you 7 tips for effective Co-Parenting in today’s generation.

1. Focused on child


One of the main reasons that you have formed this kind of alliance is because of your child. This is what you need to do. This should be your ultimate objective.

Just, when you thought that you are getting your attention shift from your child, you need to think about that, why you started this relationship.

2. Provide stability


This is the one, you should always need to think about it. Being a bio-logical parents of your child, you need to provide stability to all the relationship in your family.

This will also set examples in your child’s eye as they see consistency and passion in communication, affection and scheduling for you.

3. Be practical


Once you are done with your romantic relationship with your partner, its time for you to be practically correct as much as possible.

You need to be practical in all the decisions regarding your child. Be more confident and logical, when it comes to deciding anything related to your child.

4. Be calm


I know it is hard to deal with the same person you don’t want to. This is why you decided to split from each other, isn’t it?

But whenever you feel that things are not even working in this kind of relationship, just think about your child. This is not about you and your partner anymore, this is about your child.

So, whenever you feel you are having too much arguments and brawl, try to compromise for the sake of your child.

5. Don’t claim


One of the main reasons, why Co-Parenting fails is because of the fact that parents try to put claim on their children most of the time.

Doesn’t matter what are the reasons, it could be related to obsession related to child, love and affection towards them.

Well, this should be avoided. This is one of the main reasons, why this kind of alliance fails.

6. Keep Conversation kids friendly


You may not have control on your emotions but one thing that has always been under your control, and that is to keep the content of conversation right.

If you keep the content of your conversation mainly related to your kids, there will be less chances of any argument in your Co-Parenting. It will neither hurt your kid’s life nor it will hurt your self image.

7. Regular meeting


Doesn’t matter if you are done with your partner. You are still sharing a common relationship and that relationship is to be a proud parent of your children.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t see eye to eye, frequent meeting with your ex in front of your kids, will help them to convey a message that their parents are united for them and still loves you.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that parents want to see their child happy in life and this is also the main objective of Co-Parenting.

This is all for Co-Parenting. What do you think about it? What are your views on Co-Parenting? Feel free to comment in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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