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Explaining the greatest experience of life

Parenting is something that our words can’t define. It is the greatest debt, we own from our parents and we can never pay it off. It is the greatest gift we get from our parents and there is no way, we can ever repay them for that.

Parenting is something that can be defined as the process of promoting and upbringing of a child.

It doesn’t matter if you have any physical relation with child or not, there are many examples where non biological parents are nourishing a child.


Parenting is something that includes physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual upbringing of a child. One of the main reasons why parenting is a big issue because it shapes the whole life of a child.

Children’s are something I consider as unbaked clay which is shaped by their parents. Parenting works as water for their plant and it is up to their parents how they will up bring them.

We all have heard a common saying that, children represent parents. Although, it is partially true but some how some way we all are agree with the fact that, children’s represent values, attitude, emotions, belief and manners.

With the emergence of nuclear family concept, the need of effective parenting is on the highest level. There was a time, when families used to live in a joint family. Now with the emergence of joint family concept, the need of effective parenting is all time high.


Parents are considered as the first school of a child, they teach kids what to do, how to do. Parenting is the process which tells our kids the main difference between wrong and right.

Activities in parenting

Parenting includes all the basic to the most important task for a child. It includes a specific behavior of how parents raise a child.

It begins with Brest feeding and never ends. There are several opinions that suggest that parenting stop once a child gets married. But in my opinion it never stops. This is why we bring you main phase through which parenting goes through.

1. Pre-pregnancypre-pregnancy


In case if you are wondering, why pre-pregnancy is one the list. But pre- pregnancy is also a phase of parenting.

Pre-pregnancy is the process that takes place before pregnancy that includes taking decisions regarding child.

It includes planning related to when we want to have kids ?How many kids we want? and other things.

2. Pregnancy


During pregnancy, many factors affect the unborn child and it affects the child in the long run and sometimes the full life.

One of the main reason that affects parenting during pregnancy is the life style parents follows. It includes diet, health issues, behavior and other things.

3. New born


Parenting of a new born baby is the toughest task to do for parents. It is a time when responsibilities begins in parenting.

One of the main reason why it is so complicated because of lack of communication between child and parents. The only way a child communicate is through crying. But, it is emotions and affections of mother and child that helps a lot.

3. Toddlers


Toddlers is something that is much bigger and active than a new born baby. It is around 1-3 years old. It is a period when a child start to speak few words that mostly includes mamma and papa.

It is one of those times when parents are heavily involved in parenting because it is the best time to teach them basic things such as communication, drinking water and many others.

4. Child


In my opinion, this is the most crucial aspect of a parenting. It is a time when effective parenting is the ultimate need for shaping a child’s future.

It comes under 5-13, in which parents teach how to do certain things regarding manners, discipline. Quality education is the most important thing during this phase because it works as a foundation of wisdom in life.

5. Teenage


We have hormone popping up and kids looking for freedom in it. Teenage comes during 13-17 under which life seems so beautiful.

It is a kind of make or break stage of life where along with family, relationship, friends and environment affect our lifestyle and sometimes change it as well.

6. Adult


Once you are done with all those above mentioned phases, you are now entered into a golden period of parenting of your child.

It comes under 18-25 where you have a mature and independent child who knows the value of  wrong and right in life.

You have now become a successful parents in life where your child can now support you in taking life decisions.

7. Post marriage


Most of the people believe that main part of parenting ends after a child gets married but in my opinion it never stops.

For a child, their parents guidance never ends because support of parents are always required in life. Doesn’t matter if it is related to financial aspects,marriage of grand kids and other things.

This is all we have for this topic. What do you think about it? Would you like to suggest anything?

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