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What is Positive Parenting

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What is it all about? And how to do it?

Parenting is a big topic and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is the most discussed topic these days. In parenting, the newest thing that has been around is positive parenting.

Positive parenting is something that has become a must thing in our society. The message of positive parenting is reaching far and beyond the lines.


Most important part about positive parenting, is that its message is loud and clear.

So, what positive parenting is? What is it all about?

Positive parenting

positive parenting

In short and simple words, positive parenting can be defined as the process of developing positive and strong relationship between parent and a child.

Or in other words, we can say that positive parenting is all about giving your child positive discipline, positive manner and etiquette in life, with the ultimate objective of keeping your child on a right track.

Many of us believe that positive parenting is a some kind of method or system of parenting your child by positive aspects. But in my opinion, it is not true.

Positive parenting is all about living your life and upbringing your child in a positive tone through out the life.

Origin of positive parenting


The term positive parenting was given by American psychologist Martin Seligman. He first coined this term in 1998.

Martin Seligman believed that it is a kind of formalized parenting policy that should be adopted by every parent for better upbringing of their child.

How to do positive parenting?

One of the best ways to implement this type of parenting in life, is by doing following things in your parenting style.

1. Be positive


One of the most basic things you need to do to adapt this kind of parenting styles is to be positive.

You can’t have positive style of parenting for your kids until you are not a positive person or a parent.

You need to be optimistic about most of the situations all the time.

2. Teach them to be positive


On a positive note, teach them to stay positive in most of the aspects of life. Teach them lesson that how positivism can conquer everything.

These things will definitely create an impact on your children’s mind regarding how positive mentality and thinking can make things much better.

3. Praise them


Just like in every parenting styles, praising your child is also an important aspect that affect positive parenting.

You need to praise your kid in small deeds of daily life. These things will help them to raise their morale and self image.

4. Give them a positive environment


Imagine a place where everyone is yelling or fighting for small issues. What kind of impact will it leave on the children’s mind? Forgot about upbringing, they will be done with parenting for the rest of life.

Therefore, as a parent, it is your duty to provide them a healthy and positive environment to grow.

5. Allow them to speak


You need to bring high amount of democracy in your house, if you are looking for positive parenting.

We all have something to share with our parents. Most of the time, we couldn’t. Reason could be anyone. But, it is your duty to create an environment where anyone can say anything freely.

6. Teach them the difference between good and bad


There is no one who will teach your kid the difference between good and bad. You and experience is the main source by which they will learn these things.

But experience comes with age, therefore, being a parent, it is your duty to tell them what is right and what is wrong. Because, parents are child’s first teacher.

7. Give them examples


One of the most interesting things positive parents do, is that they create examples related to certain events in life.

These things will not only help them to learn things but will definitely create a last longing impact on their minds.

8. Be consistent


Positive parenting is not a one day deal. It is something that comes with time and consistency.

You can’t create a wave by doing any of those things mentioned above in one day. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be consistent about being positive for a good amount of time.

9. Love and affection


On last we have love and affection. It is a must thing you need to do, doesn’t matter, what kind of parenting style you are following.

Love, affection, respect and mutual caring for each other are one of the most essential elements of a successful positive parenting.

It is something that makes an unbreakable bond of love between parents and their children, therefore, these things are must in a positive parenting.

Well, this is all we have now. What are your views on positive parenting? What do you think about it?

How would you help positive parenting in upbringing of children?

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