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What is Single Parenting


Let’s check, what a single parent is

Parenting is a very wide topic. It has many styles and classification. Out of them single parenting is one of the most important styles of parenting in the whole world.

There was a time when single parenting was considered as a negative thing in our society. People used to despise single parents with their beliefs around the corner of the globe.

There was a logic behind, people used to despise single parenting. There is an old saying that “It takes whole village to raise a child” according to it, child parenting is so crucial and difficult that it takes special guidance of everyone to raise a child.


But, in the modern society, single parenting is no longer a taboo. It has become a general thing in today’s generation. Stats shows that one out of every two child in the United States will live in the single parent family by the age of 18.

In 2002, it was revealed that around 20 million children lives with single mother or father in the United States.

These things clearly shows that single parenting is no longer a myth but a reality. But the point is, what single parenting is? What is it all about? Let’s have a quick look on this.

Single parenting


Single parenting is something, which can be defined as a process where a single parent raise children.

Or in other words, we can say that, single parent is an individual who performs most of the daily, day to day task of a children by themselves.

There may be many reasons of being a single parent. It could be related to death of a partner, divorce from partner or anything else.

Positives about single parenting

Well, as I said before that single parenting is no longer a myth, it has become a successful aspect of our society, where a single parent, gut fully raise a child all by themselves.

One of the main reasons, why it is accepted by all of us, is because of these positives points.

1. Strong bonding


One of the main advantages of single parenting is that it creates strong bonding between child and mother/father.

Spending most amount amount of quality with your guardian will not only create a good amount of bond and love but it will also create a significant effect in the life of children.

2. Focus on child


The biggest focus of a single parent while upbringing a child will always be about their child.

One of the main reasons behind is, because for a mother/father, their child is the biggest thing they have after splitting with their partner.

When your direct focus will be on your child, it is going to be fruit full for your parenting.

3. No family drama


Once you are done with your relationship with your partner, there is no scope of family drama in your life.

One of the biggest advantages of having no family drama is, that you can live your life peaceful and can focus on your child.

4. Maturity


There is no doubt that single parenting brings maturity in everyone lives.

When you find that single mother/father working hard for you and that too without any support or guidance, only for you. They will find the value of hard word and struggle in life and that will definitely bring maturity.

5. Single parenting creates role model


As I said above, when you find that your mother/father is working very hard, just for your sake, you will find them no less than a superhero.

Parents are first role model in the life of a children and when you have single parent, working very hard for you, they will be your hero.

Negatives about single parenting

Just like every coin has two sides, single parenting too has a darker aspects which are as following.

1. Lack of support


One of the biggest problems a single parent suffers, is lack of support from anyone during parenting of a child.

Raising a child has its own problem and we need someone to support us and to guide us but sadly, in single parenting, that’s tough.

2. Financial problems


As a single parent, financial problems are something, you are bound to face.

This is a kind of problem women mostly face. Once you are done with your relationship, a strong amount of financial support, you loose.

3. Social problems


There are many social problems, a single parent face while upbringing a child.

Doesn’t matter, how much modern we are, there are few social elements in the society, that still despises single parenting.

4. Emotional trouble


It is one of the darker aspects of single parenting where you are going to face emotional depression in life.

Doesn’t matter if you are a single parent or a child, you are definitely going to miss your better half in every aspect of life.

As a husband/wife, you are going to miss your companion, that would have supported you in parenting of child.

As a child, you are going to miss your mother/father.

5. Parenting suffers


In my personal opinion, this is the biggest reason why single parenting has too much black spots.

There are few moments in life when your child needs both love and affection of mother and father.

More over than love and affection, it is manners, etiquette and discipline a child learn from mother and parents, which lacks in single parenting.

Missing these things in upbringing of child will make your child suffer, physically and mentally.

Being a parent is hard and complicated but we should always appreciate single parenting around us.

If you can’t motivate them, try not to demotivate them as well.

This was just a brief discussion on single parenting, based on my personal views.

What do you think about it? What are your views on single parenting? How do you see single parenting?

Do you have any case of single parenting around you? Feel free to share your views with us by commenting in the box below.

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