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Why Gay Parenting is as Natural as Straight Parenting


Reasons why gay parenting is an natural as straight parenting

There was a time, when the wave used to be against the gay relationship and parenting, however things are changing now. This is why, we are going to tell you the main reasons that will prove why gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting.

Gay parenting has now become a part of the society, we are living in. It is growing day by day.

There are still few parts in the world, who consider gay parenting as unnatural. They are following same ignorant approach towards the gay relationship since ages.


As far as gay parenting is concerned, just like gay relationship, it is being despised by the society since ages. One of the main reasons why this happens to them, is because, society thinks that it is unethical and unnatural, however its not.

Now. whether you likes it or not, this is a truth that things are changing for them. Gay children are getting what they truly deserve.

Doesn’t matter on which side you want to ride on, you got to be agree with the fact that, in a democratic state, people can live the way they want.

As far as the question related to gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting is concerned, I strongly believe that despite being so many differences and complication, gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting.

Here are few valid points that will elaborate why, gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting.

1. Both offers love and affection

both-offers-love-and-affection- Although, being considered as the taboo in our society, there are many reasons why gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting.

One biggest point that proves that gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting is that both offers love and affection.

No matter how much differences are in both types of parenting, love and affection is the most essential part of these types of parenting.

2. Both are child oriented


Another thing that focuses on the similarity between gay parenting and straight parenting is that both are child oriented.

Doesn’t matter what kind of problems you are facing in your relationship, one of the biggest objectives of gay parenting and straight parenting will always be on the child.

3. Gay parents are as committed as straight parents

as commited as gay parents

Here I would like to say that, gay parents are sometimes more committed than as compared to straight parents.

I am not trying to be partial here, but, this has been scientifically proven by many researches that gay parents are more focused, more motivated and more committed than as compared to straight parents.

4. Gender differences aren’t a big issue


One of the most common arguments we also heard in criticism of gay parenting is that it is affected by the gender problems.

It is partially true that in gay parenting, absence of female parent affect the upbringing of a gay child.

But in the today’s generation, where the gender gap is very minimal, that doesn’t affect overall.

5. Gay parenting is as open minded as straight parenting


Another thing that puts weight on whole argument of gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting is, that its upbringing is done open minded.

This is something, on which gay parenting always has an upper hand, gay parenting is something that is out of the box and completely unorthodox.

Gay parenting teaches us that love and affection has no boundary, hence there is no doubt that gay parenting is open minded.

6. Gay parenting is as successful as straight parenting

gay parenting is as sucessfull parenting

This thing has been significantly proven in many research and studies that the children raised by gay parents has been able to attain same amount of success as the straight parents and sometimes even more.

One of the main reasons why this makes gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting is because of the fact that gay parenting contains more logical, open minded, and practical approach of parenting.

7. They are the part of the society


One of the biggest things that clarifies why gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting, is that they are the part of our society.

We all are humans, and as a human we all have desires. It doesn’t matter if you are in against of gay relationship or not, gay parenting is the part of or society, they have all the rights to live the same way we live.

Things mentioned above are just the mere example why, gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting.

Another things such as tolerance, discipline, confidence, education, are those things which are as same as straight parenting.

Doesn’t matter if you are raised by a gay parent, co-parent, single parents, lesbian parents or straight parents, we all are same and we need to be liberal enough to spread love and affection in the whole world.

This is all we have for now. What are your views on gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting?

Do you agree with the fact that gay parenting is as natural as straight parenting?

Have words? Feel free to express your opinions in the box below and for more articles related to love, relationship and parenting, stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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