Mother Daughter Relationship Breakdown


If you want to understand mother daughter relationship then you need to realize the scope of this relationship.

Mother daughter relationship is said to be the most susceptible relationship in the universe. In other words we can say that their relationship represents body and soul.

People say mother daughter should have a relationship of a friend but I think it is tough in some ways as there are some foundations which mother and daughter have.

Some facts which disclose their relationship and also provide some tips by which relationship can be improved:-To start a positive relationship mother should make a first move because somewhere daughter has hesitation to start.

In these points denoted below mother daughter relationship breakdown

  • In mother daughter relationship there should be realistic expectation towards each other.
  • In a relationship there should be a kind of transparency so that it would help both of them to communicate with an ease.
  • In such relationship both should be active listener they should heed each other patiently so that they could understand each other.
  • In a relationship both should have their own space individuality and closeness.
  • In such a relationship both should think and express their views according to the modern age.
  • No one among both should pressurize anyone for any decision
  • Both should appreciate each other for best done by them
  • As a friend they should not hide each other’s mistake but should talk about it openly and if mistaken then should forgive each other.
  • If there is some damage in the relationship they should repair it as soon as possible.

All I want to say to all the daughter is that “a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.

To understand mother daughter relationship breakdown, you must realize that it knows no law, no pity it dares all thing and crush down remorselessly all that stands in its path”.  never hurt your mother….

Why damage occur in the relationship????

As every mother wants to protect her daughter from every kind of criticism.

So, they give their opinion according to their thinking on their hairstyle, clothing etc. as they want best for their daughters and that’s where the caring criticism conflict arises.

Another mother daughter factor feeding the tension around physical appearance.

Though mother daughter conflict is pretty much universal it’s not intractable.

Many times I have seen that many mother daughters don’t have much interaction between them as they hesitate in communicating. This could be the great problem in mother daughter relationship breakdown and due to this hesitation they could suffer allot. But this hesitation or damage in the relationship could become a regret which could not overcome and guilt is somewhere left in hearts.

Sometimes we feel jealous when we watch other mother daughter having very close relationship. So if not to stay with this jealousy just overcomes your hesitation as soon as possible……

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