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10 Signs Of A Controlling Relationship


What are the signs of a controlling relationship?

We have seen many ailments in a relationship, and controlling relationship are worst among all, and if you want to keep your relationship safe then keep yourself away from it.

Have you ever thought, why some of your friends don’t talk to you the way they used to do earlier, why they have just gone out of coverage area from your network of friendship?

Haven’t your parents told you that you don’t seem to be the one who you used to be with us, aren’t things changing around you?

controlling relationship

Well, if you are facing these things and getting alike questions what I asked you above, then surely something is terribly wrong in your life or in your relationship to be specific.

There can be many problems arising when you are in a relationship and one of the most serious problems that a couple faces being in a relationship is the controlling relationship.

What is a controlling relationship? 

Controlling relationship is the type of relationship in which the partner is being totally controlled or monitored by the other partner in each and every step of life, in other words we can say that your partner simply dictates you all the time, about what to do and what not to.


And it’s not at all necessary that only boys will be controlling girls in a relationship, but I tell you girls are also heading shoulder to shoulder in this race of controlling their better halves.

So, you can’t say, only the men are controller but women are equally effective too in this case.

So, here are the top 10 signs of a controlling relationship:

1. The act of isolation


One of the common scenes, that a controller does to their partners is isolating their better halves from their friends, family and peer groups.

It may happen that you aren’t allowed to have a conversation or limited one, on phone with anyone of your known relatives.

2. Spying on you


The person who controls you will always try to control you in every step of life and try to spy on you and look on your activity whatever you do.

A controlling partner feels that he has got every right to follow you or to spy on you; they will check your phone, texts, internet history and also your call logs.

3. He won’t be willing to listen you


Any opinion you are willing to present in front of them, they won’t listen you at any cost, as your opinion will hardly matter to them, like you are no one, whatever question you ask is always meaningless.

4. The level of criticization is always high


Whatever you do, you take it for granted that you will be criticized for all your action and deeds, maybe you do anything new or innovative, still they will not leave any of the chances to demotivate you even on small things.

5. They will make you insane


A moment will come when you will start questioning yourself that am I doing the right thing? Am I normal? Why do I end up doing this kind of stuff?

They will torture you to an extent that you will surely loose all yourself self-esteem and motivation level.

6. You will be getting no support at all from your partner


This is one of the most significant signs that you can tell that you are in a controlling relationship, your partner won’t support you at all, you will be doing all your stuff by your own .

Even they won’t allow anyone of your mates or colleagues to help you as well.

7. He will change you in totality


Being a human we go through many changes in our life, and the change can be physical, social, economical or even aesthetical.

We tend to change ourselves from time to time, and that sounds natural too, but the controlling partner will try to change all of you the way they want.

It may happen that you are not willing to do so, but still you have to.

8. They will try to rule all of you


When you are in a controlling relationship, remember this fact that you don’t have the right to be yourself, because your body is no more your temple to worship, but it has become theirs to rule and invade whenever they like.

9. Forget about fashion


If you are in a controlling relationship then take it for granted that your partner will surely become your own personal designer, as your choice of clothes, you can’t wear it at all, as you are a girl then he will tell you not to wear short clothes in public, or not to have this kind of hair style and many more things to come.

10. The menace of social networks


Social networks play a menacing role in ones life, as if you are in a controlling relationship then you can’t afford to send or accept friend request to opposite sex, you even can’t reply to the texts of other people or even can’t comment on the picture of others without their knowledge.

Guys, relationships don’t run this way, as you need to respect every bit of your partner’s choices and needs, and controlling someone to that extent only hurts them.

So, when you are in a relationship try to make them happy not control them like your pets, try to give them love and care what they require and everything will be fine, if not then move away from that kind of relationship.

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