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10 Telltale Sign That A Girl Is Falling For You


How to know that a girl is falling for you?

If a guy loves a girl then everyone knows but if a girl is falling for you then nobody knows except her, that’s the common tendency of girls, and it’s like an unpredictable weather, which can change any time.

There is a book titled “Everything men know about women”, this book has more than 100 pages, and all are blank, yes that’s right, all are blank, because there is no one in the world who has fully known a women, not even god.


The heart of a women is deeper than an ocean, which has lots of secrets buried beneath, which no one knows except her, and if you think you can guess it, then believe me you are wrong.

And it’s a herculean task for the men to find out what is going on deep inside them, what they are thinking , and when it comes to knowing about the love matters, it’s basically an impossible task.


The code of a women’s heart is real hard to crack, especially in the case of love, it’s next to impossible, so what do men do? How they do know that someone has fallen for them too.

So, to make this task easier for the boys here, are 10 telltale signs that a girl is falling for you:

1. She wants you to know better-


She will be very curious about you, your life and everything about you, small or big thing, she will be willing to get in the nerve of every matter in which you are involved.

There will be random questions on your personal life and also about your professional life, she wants to know every likes and dislikes, even the way you do things and the way you live.

2. She will always be seeking you-


In most of the times, she will be seeking all your attention and especially if you two are workmates, she will be trying to get your attention via work.

She will always try to stay close to you , and while she is working, in all her work she will surely find you to fix things for her.

3. Loads of compliments and flattery-


As she is falling for you, then believe me, lots of compliments are coming your way from her, everyday and every moment.

She won’t miss any of the chances to please you by her compliments on even small things, she will notice even minutes details about you which are hardly seen by others.

4. She will cut off connections with other guys-


Nowadays, it’s a common scene that a girl is dating multiple number of boys at a time, and at this age it’s natural too.

But a moment comes in her life, when she thinks to put a break to her roller coster ride and decides to stay on a single place.

And this happens because of a guy on which she has fallen.

5. Jealousy –


A woman who really likes or fallen for you, will surely get jealous when other girls are around her men, because it’s a natural tendency of girls to envy each other on small things.

If our female counter part can get jealous of each other because of a small lipstick or even the color of her purse, then you can well imagine what they would do when it comes to men.

6. Some sweet texts-


If a girl really likes someone then she gives preferences to even small things and those small things include the sweet texts in the early morning and before bed.

As, she will always want that the first message her prince charming reads, is of hers.

7. Finding you funny-


She will find you funny and she will laugh at your jokes every time, it may happen that the others may not find your joke worth laughing for.

But she won’t hesitate even once to show up her teeth even at your lamest of jokes.

She will always think that you are really funny and can make everyone laugh, she will notice every bit of your humor, and also like every bit of it.

8. Her friends are now your friends too


She will introduce all her friends to you, and make all efforts to make you comfortable with her friends.

But she will also ensure the fact that none of her friends (female friends) get too close to you, as she will surely envy this act.

9. She will get jealous of other girl you like or compliment

a girl is falling for you

It’s an obvious fact that if a girl likes you then she can’t digest this fact that you are complimenting some other girl on her looks or any other thing and it’s one of the obvious signs to know that a girl is falling for you.

All she will want, to hear every bit of her from your mouth, if you utter the name of any other girl then the probability of cat fight surely rises.

10. She will always find ways to give you gifts


As you are so special to her, she will surely find ways to give you gifts and presents without any reason or it may happen, she is giving you gifts without any occasion.

As for her, every day is an special occasion, whenever she is with you, the moment becomes special.

Friends it’s very rare that a girl is falling for you, and if it is so then don’t let her go away because you really mean a lot to her.

“when a dog bites a man is not a news… but when a man bites a dog that’s a news”, so, as I told you a girl falling for a boy is very rare phenomenon, only the lucky one gets this wonderful feeling .

So, don’t let it go so easily, and for more signs and symptoms on love and relationships, do visit Anniversary Roses.


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