How to know When a Relationship is over?


You can’t stop loving and wanting to be loved because when it’s right, it’s the best thing in the world. When you are in a relationship and its good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete.

Why Relationships get over?

Relationship is a true and genuine commitment between true person based on trust and feelings. When there is trust between two people including feelings then it’s a perfect relationship which we can expect to go for a long way.

The main reason of breaking relationship according to me of breaking the relationship is lack of trust and beginning of secrecy between the partners or one of the partners become more demanding.

We should not always be dominating on our partner; we should provide him or her particular space. Some people focus on looks or they think that physical appearance matters allot and they start judging their partner on the basis of their looks and if their partners are not perfect in looks then they try to end the relationship.

Now, how we can find out that our relationship is over?

The most important question to ask yourself is there in your heart they are the only one.

If the answer you get is that “I am not sure” but afraid to be alone. If they are just one for now then proceed in several ways.

And before that make yourself a promise that before saying that it’s over you will give them time to think over it.

So, here are some suggestions:

  • Do you fight more often?

Fighting occasionally can be healthy and productive way to communicate and resolve conflict. If you are fighting just for the sake of fighting then your relationship may be at the stage of expiry date.

  • You fail to communicate

Relationship is all about communicating your needs and understanding the needs and feeling of your partner. If you don’t even bother telling your partner that how you are feeling and what you want.

If one or both partner is stonewalling and if you don’t even communicate about most basic things, and then you have stopped factoring your significance into your partner’s life.

  • You never mention your future

In a healthy relationship most of the time couple spend their time in discussing their future. But if this is not happing in your relationship then it’s about to worry because it implies that you are not picturing your future with your partner.

These were some signs that can help you improve your relationship and may be it can save your relationship too.





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