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Inevitable Relationship Problems You Are Sure To Face


Have you ever faced inevitable relationship problems?

Relationships are always good until it gets messed up by some of the common inevitable relationship problems, which needs be be shorted out as soon as possible for the betterment of relationship.

Relationships are considered to be the most important part of ones life; it defines us, who really we are and what we are meant to do in this society.

inevitable relationship problems
Man is considered to be a social animal, and just because for a reason, reason to adjust in the society with others, to move on in ones life and most important reason to live.

Strong connections with our loved ones keep us going through out our life, but the thing is, these connections always get faded away with time because of some reasons.

And these reasons give rise to some of the inevitable relationship problems:

1. Expecting too much


When we are in a relationship we start expecting from our partner, and those expectations can be of any thing and can pop up to you anytime.

Our partner forgets the fact that we too are human and there can be some instances when we couldn’t live up to the expectations.

But it’s hard for them to understand and this leads to some of the inevitable relationship problems.

2. Facing ego related issues-


A relationship is about two individuals, and it’s the two of them who are going to take all the decisions together with each other concerns.

But as the time passes on, in some of the relationships, it becomes more or less a dictatorship, where one is being dictated by other, and form this point the real inevitable relationship problems starts.

And all the decisions are being taken by only one of the partner, which is not right.

3. Lack of appreciation


This one is the most common issue which is being faced by the couples, as when the appreciation level is low, conflicts are high.

And more or less, this becomes a kind of sibling relationship, as like siblings, they too don’t like to appreciate each other, and it is one of the root cause of inevitable relationship problems.

4. Blending your online social life with real life


The most vicious inevitable relationship problems is the evolution of technology, as people find it more soothing to text and poke each other behind the computer screen rather than loving each other.

They don’t have any memories of quality time which they had spent with each other, you know why? Because there aren’t any.

5. Lack of intimacy


People love to be in a relationship because of the few reasons i.e- love, passion, sex, companionship and many more.

And a  time comes in a relation when this thing becomes less intimating as it used to be earlier in starting phase of a relationship.

And I tell you guys, this is one of the most serious problems and it can’t be neglected if you really want to be in a relationship.

And always remember, don’t neglect the feel of touch in a relationship other wise it can lead you to some of the serious inevitable relationship problems.

6. Getting bored with talking


The moment you stop communicating with each other, it’s the day when the real downfall of the relationships starts.

Because the communication part in a relationship is the lifeline which keeps it going.

Whether it’s about money, sex, family or whose turn it is to do laundry, communication plays a main part in it.

7. Finding someone else more interesting


Getting involved with some other person other than our partner is one of the most common scenes, affairs include one night stands, internet relationships or it can be a long term or a short term relationship.

As they find it very exciting while loving others, rather than their partner.

8. You won’t open up with each other


There will be time in a relationship when you won’t find them worthy enough to share your thoughts, sorrows or any other matter.

You will start hesitating in opening up with one another, and even you will stop expressing your feelings that you used to share once.

9. Cross cultural relationships
relationship-problem-cross-cultural-relationships'We all know that love is blind, as it doesn’t see any social, physical and economical barrier at all.

But I must tell, you these are the rules of pre-love, the post-love has some other rules to play with.

Then all the other issues come to bother you, especially the cross cultural issues.

10. Lack of respect and trust


As the days pass by, the respect and trust factor with each other diminishes day by day.

As you start questioning on small things, you start showing disrespect to each other, and guys, I must tell you that these are the two pillars of a relationship.

If your relationship doesn’t have this two basic  pillars then you are nowhere near stand a chance to save it.

As no relationship is perfect, it,s our choices and priorities which make it worthy to live with, so it’s us who are gonna stand for each other as no third person will come to help you.

So, what are the differences, just try to solve them yourself and find a way out, because walking away can never be a solution.

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