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Why Do Men Cheat In A Marriage

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What can be the possible reasons that men cheat in a marriage?

We always hear that men are mean, as they have the tendency to cheat, have you ever wondered that why do men cheat in a marriage?

It’s a common tendency of humans, that the thing we want the most is always hardest to get, while it is not in our possession.


Yes, this fact is true with the things and objects, but being a human we have applied it on relationships as well.

Like, when we are not in any kind of relationship then, we are so eager and ready to be in one, and when we are in one with lots of hardship, we screw it up with stupid reasons.

Same saga goes on with the marriages, and this time I will be speaking from the women’s perspective, when a man is not married, till that moment he will be doing all sorts of stuff to get married.

They will be acting like marriage is the only thing that can bring them the happiness they deserve and the drive to move on in ones life with the companionship of our better half, our wife.

But as soon as we get it, men start to lose it’s importance, as the time passes by, the thing which fancied them the most, now bores them the most.

Here are the few reasons that will tell you why men cheat in a marriage:

  1. Emotionally dissatisfied


All the men are not same, as they don’t think about sex and being physical all the time, there are many men who cheat in a marriage because they are emotionally dissatisfied with their partner.

Like women, men also want the same thing, that there is someone to appreciate them too, to be with them in the needed times, to support them.

  1. He is being always accused as a cheater by his wife


Some of the wives are so suspicious that they start accusing their husbands even if they haven’t cheated on them.

We always know that ,” An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”, and the same things goes on with the wives as well, so, they start cooking up things that is still fictitious, which includes, always thinking that their husband is cheating on her even if they aren’t.

This makes their thinking convulated that if they are not being trusted for their honesty then why should they be honest at all.

  1. Absence of love


  1. Not every man wants to hook up with any random woman they meet, there are some, who want to get the feel of love which they don’t get in their married life.

So, he gets easily attracted to other women who show them the slightest of love and affection and he gets carried away with it.

  1. Lack of good sex

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Well one of the main reasons that a man cheats in a marriage is lack of good and satisfying sex, as men are really fond of having a good time together in bed, and it concerns and bother them if they don’t get it from their wives.

So, that’s why they easily get attracted towards other women, and try to fulfill their unfinished business.

  1. Behind every cheating husband, there is a cheating wife too

You can’t even deny this fact that women also cheat on their men, and it’s not at all necessary that a man will be cheating on his wife first.

There are many cases that shows the evil face of a woman too, as they go on cheating their husbands and this breaks down their husband, and in order to seek revenge they also does the same.

  1. Lack of communication

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Communication in a relation can become a barrier for you and also it can help you to make your relation an epic one.

But in most of the cases it becomes and act as a barrier, specially in the case of a married couple.

When our wives start to isolate us, by not talking and giving us the ample time that we men need after having a hectic schedule of work, then believe me it definitely sucks.

  1. They need variations

men cheat in a marriage variations

Some men are Casanova and it’s a total hardship for one lady to contain him, they always get bored of the life which they are living, because of the same age old routine and same kind of lifestyle they get.

And this they apply to women as well, as there comes a time when they get bored from their wife as well and they need variations, so it can be one of the main reasons that a man cheats in a marriage.

  1. Men cheat on their wife because they want to


It’s not necessary that because of some circumstances or some of the bad reasons they are compelled to cheat on their wives.

Sometimes, it’s the personal choice of men to go on and have an affair with another woman.

  1. They loved someone before marriage

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love can make us do all the odd thing which we are not suppose to so, and that include cheating on our wives, some men are not so fortunate enough to get married with the women they loved.

So, what they do is they still remain in touch with the one they loved even after their marriage and can be one of the reasons that a men cheat in a marriage.

  1. If a girl is crazy about him


Some men consider them selves as a social service provider, as he is there to serve the society always. And when it comes to dating a different a woman they don’t even think to hold back.

If any girl pleads him to have an affair with her then surely the tag of macho man gets activated .

Friends, these were some of the reasons why  men cheat in a marriage, so being a wife you need to prepare the antidote for it and give it to your husbands so that they will be loyal to you every time.

And one of the best ways is to make them feel everyday is new, don’t forget to surprise him, ignite the passion of love and don’t let it fade away, act not as a wife but as a girlfriend to him, so that you can save your marriage from falling and for more updates visit Anniversary Roses.


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