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Teen Dating Violence – Warning Signs


Are you currently facing teen dating violence?

Teenage can be the best days of a persons life, but inspite of making it memorable they get involved in a relationship issues and one of them is teen dating violence.

Dating is nowadays considered to be a normal act in the society, as nowadays the society has modernized and dating someone is no more considered to be a sin or a crime.


There were days when dating was considered to be a serious offense in our society, even the girl and the boy were not allowed to meet before marriage.

Meeting in person or in public is another thing. They weren’t even allowed to see each other before marriage, but now the scenario is completely different as the things are changing.

As I told the things are changing and changing for good, the whole of society is getting modernized because of growing connections of countries and cultures.

Nowadays the girls and the boys are available with the click of a mouse for marriage on the internet, as our people are fixing up their broken system with the use of technology.


But as we are getting modernize and being an adult we are taking a single step towards modernization our kids are taking ten steps ahead of us.

Relationships are getting more complicated, dating has become a common sight, and our teens get updated day by day in this field.

What is Teen Dating violence?

Teen dating violence is referring to a situation in which the teenagers are involving themselves in any kind of violence or some kind of series of behaviors that includes physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse made by one partner over another.

And basically, this is the kind of behavior that is being practiced and seen in the teenagers of today’s generation.


As these teenagers, they are easily getting carried away with this kind of feelings very easily as they don’t have control over their actions and doings, at that time, what they think is best, they just go for it.

So it’s very important for them to know the other aspects of getting into any kind of relationship, and one of those things is violence while dating each other in a relationship.

And it’s very important for the teenagers to know the right time to stop, so today I will tell them the warning signs of the teen dating violence, they are as follows;

  • Being Jealous-  getting-jealous-in-a-teen-dating-violenceIf your partner gets jealous of you day by day, even he/she gets jealous of your achievements then it’s clearly ringing bells of going off the track.

It certainly means that it’s not happening the way you thought and imagined of, and surely it’s not working anymore.

  • Getting High Tempered

are-you-in-teen-dating-violenceIt’s very clear that when your partner is getting angry at you even on small things, and it’s very common in teenagers that they get frustrated over small mistakes and carelessness very often.

And as a result they get high tempered at times.

It may also include insulting you in front of the people you really care about, and creating a nuisance out of everything.

  • Attempt Of Isolation

isolation-in-teen-dating-violenceThe teenagers are basically very possessive in nature, as they are very much on a higher side, so what they do is they tend to isolate their significant other from his/her friends, peers and even family members.

They think this to be the perfect solution to suppress the significant other and prove their own supremacy.

  • Not Being Accountable

protest-against-teen-dating-violenceOne of the signs of teenage violence is not taking the accountability of the deeds that you commit.

Even if it’s your own mistake,there won’t be any sign of acceptance from the doer, and what they do is just put the blame on the significant other for any mishaps happened for their own actions.

  • Controlling In nature-

controlling-in-teen-dating-violenceIf your partner becomes very much a kind of controller in nature or you can say a kind of dictator in real life then it’s a clear warning sign.

“You can’t wear this type of clothes, you have to get back home in the stipulated time, you can’t send friend requests to the opposite gender in social media” are the common things going on in a teenage relationship.

  • Sexual Activities

teen-dating-violence-signsThe sexual activities are the things which have to be done by the consent of both the partners, and when they willingly agree then they do it.

But it’s really hard for the teen to understand this fact that “a no means no”, you can’t force anyone to do it.

But these kind of acts are also being done and practiced in huge numbers and as a result there are many cases of teenage pregnancies.

This are the signs which can’t be overseen or ignored, if you are seeing this then surely it’s time to rethink and reboot the relationship.

So guys don’t just get carried away by the strong waves of teenage urges, because this is so strong that if not properly taken care of it may ruin your life forever.

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