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Teenage Relationship Advice – Top 10 Actionable Tips


Are you in a teenage relationship… then you might need some teenage relationship advice

Now a days it’s common for the teenager to be in a relationship with someone, so here are some of my teenage relationship advice.

“kaagaz ki kashti thi… pani ka kinara tha…

khelne ki masti thi… dil ye awara tha…

kaha aa Gaya in tanhaiyon me…

apna bachpan hi kitna pyara tha…”

Well, we never knew when our days of childhood passed away, I must say that when the best days of our childhood passed away.

There were days when we only wanted to go out and play in the mud, throw away everything we had, never cared for anything but our tiffin box, length of pencils we used to write and many most idiotic things.

And yes, we never knew when those feelings also faded away and were replaced by attraction, lust and love for someone.

It’s the time when we start thinking about others than ourselves, and the feeling is so strong that we can’t even think of anything else.

And if you are a teenager then you become confused with all of these emotions swirling inside your head, so you must seek out proper teenage relationship advice.


Yes this kind of feeling  comes when we are in teenage, it’s a very sophisticated period of a person’s life between the age group of 13-19.

And  it’s the high time for the teenagers to fall for someone, and if you think that, then you are wrong, trust me.

Teenage is the time when we start feeling something different, our life becomes so filmy that everything starts coming in kind of slow motion with some music being played in the background.

It’s the time when our feelings get magnified to another level in case of liking and loving someone, so we need to be very cautious about every step we take in this period.

So here are my top ten teenage relationship advice for all the teenagers out there and reading my article, which are as follows;

  1. Always try to define a healthy relationshiphealthy-teengae-relatioship-advices always remember a healthy relationship is necessary to move on in your life, as in teenage we fall for almost everyone we meet or we encounter.

Almost everyday we fall in true love and they become our once true love, but it’s always important to develop a healthy relationship with our significant other.

I know its very hard for a teenager to know the importance of trust, belief, loyalty, but trust me if you need it all the time establish a healthy relationship.

  1. Know the difference between love and infatuation- what-is-teeange-relationship-advicethe best teenage relationship advice that i can give it to you is this is find out the real difference between love and infatuation.

Because it’s really hard for a teenager to distinguish between love and infatuation as their feelings are so new to them and even for the adults its hard to distinguish.

Getting butterflies, having goosebumps  and not having proper sleep at night doesn’t mean that you are in love.

So be wise in distinguishing between these two.

  1. Take your time to start a relationship-teenage-relatioship-advices-for-teens
  2. never ever rush to have a relationship, as this is not a race to win, and also there is no dearth of boys/girls in this world.

“My best friend is going in a relationship, then I too have to go for it”, and if you are thinking this way then surely remove this shit from your mind.

It’s not a race or war to win, take your time and when you are ready, go for it.

  1. Don’t force anyone to be yours-basic-teenage-relationship-advices love is not about forcing someone to be with us, so never ever force someone to be with you in a relationship.

If the liking is mutual then surely go for it, but if not don’t you ever think of that, then it won’t lead you to love but instead rage and agony.

  1. Always Know when to move on-main-teenage-relatioship-advices it may happen that when you are in a relationship and it won’t work every time as you desire, so it’s always wise to move on and call it a day.

Stretching it to its un-strechable extent will only hurt you and the other one.

The relationship is also like a rubber band it will only stretch to its limit and if stretched further it only breaks and so do the relationships.

Getting more teenage relationship advice will help you understand these situations better and overcome any issues that might face in your teenage relationship.

  1. Give love time to grow and prosper-teenage relatioship advices for all love is like wine, the older it becomes the tastier it gets. So we must give adequate time to love so that it can blossom.

Always remember a relationship is not only about you but also there is someone who banks on you, so don’t be so swift in starting a relationship, take your time and go for it.

  1. Follow a proper communication channel- Communicating properly is one of the best teenage relationship advicecommuication-chanel-teenage-relatioship-advice A proper communication channel is always required in a relationship, as it helps to know about both partner’s feelings.

Don’t support only one way communication in a relationship, it always must be a two way process of exchanging thoughts and feelings.

  1. Trust and Respect your significant otherkeys-of-teenage-relatioship-advice
  2. if you want the relationship to be dreamy and creamy, then you must learn to trust your partner and also give them respect what they need and deserve.

You can basically say its a basic foundation of a relationship which needs  to be laid beforehand. That’s an important teenage relationship advice that you will receive from nearly everyone you ask.

  1. Don’t forget to surprise them at times remember there is a huge difference between a shock and a surprise, and it’s always special to surprise your partner at times.

As it gives immense happiness to them and also it keeps the enigma and freshness in a relationship.

  1. Establish boundaries in your relationship –facts-of-teenage-relationship-adviceseverything looks and works good when you are in limit and following certain rules and norms formed by you and may be of society and its one of the most important teenage relationship advice which need to be followed.

Breaking them or not following them may result in various forms of the happenings which are uncontrollable.

Teenage is the time when all the feelings are so strong that you are unable to distinguish between good  and bad, especially when it comes to relationship issues.

So be wise and learn to control your feelings and emotions before it’s too late, enjoy your teenage but by not paying the cost that you shouldn’t.

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