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What Are Stages Of A Relationship?


And here are the stages of A relationship, so in which stage are you in?

What should I tell you about the stages of a relationship, because there are many types of people around, who go on to have some different kind of stages in their relationship.

And here is my room partner, Amit, whose relationship consists of only three stages, the first stage in which he sees a girl and in second, he talk to her and in third, there is breakup, so, it’s all about the stages of a relationship of my roomie.

stages of a relationship

I have known him for last seven year or so, but never saw him progressing more than three stages, so what basically the types of stages in a relationship are, well let’s find it out.

And I have also seen a perfect relationship of one of my very close friends Laddoo, and his once true love Mistu, as I have seen their relationship to grow and prosper in truest form of love and care for each other.

As I have seen them from their early teen days till today, and it’s almost 10 years of their relationship and they are still going strong like never before, touch wood, so here I am going to tell you the perfect and the best stages of a relationship one can have in their life as well.

So, here are my stages of a  relationship:

  1. The magical eye contact


There must be some of the days in your life when you must be thinking to go on and having a relationship with every girl you meet, as all the girls seem so pretty and beautiful.

But then, one day out of nowhere you see her, may be she is going to see her elder sister off, your eyes make a contact, and they talk, and you keep on staring at her like mad and ultimately your heart says that, “dude she is the one who made me run like bolt, don’t let her go”, and yes it was magical, as the feel of having a relationship with all the other pretty girls was long gone.

  1. Trying to find ways and excuses to meet her


You can consider it as the second stage of a relationship where you can’t resist yourself to meet her, have a talk with her or even to see her smile.

You try to find many excuses to go around her, may be playing in the evening time in front of her home, in an attempt to impress her with your kinky soccer moves, or going to her home to give her books and other study material.

  1. Showing your intent that you have fallen for her-


Well, now as you feel for her something special like no other girl made you feel that, but that’s not enough as you need to make sure that she also gets to know what you feel for her as well.

Now, in an attempt to do that you try on different ways like giving her greetings on eves, small gifts and specially chocolates (believe me it works), as chocolates  are the ultimate way  to get an entry to someone’s heart.

  1. Now, knowing what her intents are for you


As you have shown her your intents, now it’s also very important to know that what she feels for you, so try to know it, as they are not the one who are going to be very good at saying it.

So make all the possible attempts to know what she thinks about you, as asking directly may not suit everyone of us, so maybe you can try some other ways out of knowing it, like giving a slam book to fill or having a middle man or a mutual friend who can act as a messenger for both of you.

  1. Now go for hitting the bulls eye, the proposal


As you know it now, what she feels for you, so may be it’s the high time to hit the iron when it’s red, as you really want to carry on with her, so, let her know that, just go on with your instincts, tell her what you really feel about her from the day one to till now, tell her the three magical words and let her do the rest.

  1. Enjoy the feel of love with her


Being in love with someone who makes you feel special is the best feeling of ones life, enjoy your every moment with each other, cherish them, nurture it with love, affection, care and passion and let it blossom to the fullest.

Go for a ride, may be on a bike or a cycle specially when it rains, make her feel how special she is and live everyday as if it’s your last, make it count to the fullest.

  1. The turmoil of misunderstandings


No relationship is perfect guys, even the best of the relations face many ups and down, and it doesn’t mean that you will stop loving and caring the person you love, if there is some misunderstanding then inspite of fighting with each other go on and solve it with each other.

As these things do happen in a relationship, don’t turn your back and walk away, be brave and tackle this stage with hand in hands.

  1. Planning a beautiful future together and also having one


Folks if you love someone truly then you don’t have to think twice about it, plan a future in which she is with you.

I know for some of you it will be hard, as there are many other conditions and factors which you need to keep in your mind as well, like the main factor comes managing your parents.

But guys don’t leave hope, if your feelings are true then your parents will also agree with you at some point of time.


Friends these were the eight stages of a perfect relationship which I have seen from the love story of my friends Mistu and Laddoo, as they  are still going great, touch wood, like there will be no tomorrow.

So, you can judge it yourself that in which stage you lie in and what you have to do next to go on and explore all the stages of a relationship or a perfect relationship.

And get going guys, pull up your socks and for more updates regarding relationship issues visit Anniversary Roses.


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    ya it’s my story….n m d most happiest girl dat laddoo loves me…..nice article…m so happy to read this….thnks….

    1. its my pleasure

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