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What Boundaries In A Relationship To Follow


Know your boundaries in a relationship which has to be followed

Boundaries are not at all meant to control you, but it’s a line that keeps your relation healthy, so which kind of boundaries in a relationship is necessary? let’s find it out ourselves.

Live a life in which you don’t have to be accountable to anyone, as it’s your life and you are the in charge of it, the whole and sole authority of yourself.

boundaries in a relationship

We have only got a single life to live, so why not to live it to the fullest, and there are also many philosophies that tells you, that the things done in a limit are not always enjoyable, true, as we need to live a limitless life without anyone’s botheration.


This doesn’t imply on the relationships and love issues, as there are different rules, which governs the game of love and relationship, and it’s better for the love birds to be in some boundaries, as the boundaries in a relationship keeps the ignition and spark in the relationship alive and going.

Now, what boundaries in a relationship to follow:

  • When to communicate


It may happen you are the type of person, who loves to get calls and messages at any odd hours, but that doesn’t imply on your better half, it may happen she could find it totally annoying and disrespectful.

It’s not at all necessary that if you like it that way, then she will like it too, always take it as your at most priority to know when to communicate her, that’s soothes her as well.

  • Respect the feelings of your partner


Respecting the feeling of your partner is the one of the finest line a relationship can have, as boundaries are not made to control each other but to enhance the amount of love and care for each other.

If you really respect, what your partner feels then that’s what you get in return, which makes a relationship more beautiful.

  • Don’t be a dictator


A relationship is made up of two persons, and it’s the two of them who will be taking all the decisions together, it should never happen that only one of the person is taking all the decisions, as you are not here to rule anyone, as this feeling surely hurts the person.

“Love… What is love? Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were, and who they will be.” ~Chris Moore

  • Appreciate each others decisions


What ever the situation is just go on and have a common talk with each other and what ever the decisions comes and from anyone of you just respect it and accept it, it may happen some times the decisions are wrong so, instead of criticizing guide them and find a good solution, but show appreciation to each others decisions.

  • Have some boundaries in bed as well


Violating sex boundaries isn’t unhealthy but it’s a crime as well , and it’s natural that all the time your partner may not get the feel of having sex, and you can’t force them to have it, as if you are forcing them and doing it without their will then it’s a crime and comes under abuse.

  • How will you resolve your fights


Cat fights are very much common these days in a relationship, as if you are in a relationship then better know it you are surely gonna fight with each other on small issues.

So, instead of turning your back to each other know and decide it well in advance that how are you going to fix it.

  • Privacy factor of your partner


As she is your partner then it’s not at all fare if all the time you are going to invade the privacy of your partner, give her some space, let her feel independent too, don’t start to snoop and stalk her all the time about her private matters.

And this include asking her about the passwords of all her social networking sites and may be her bank account details.

  • Don’t be a James Bond in a relationship


It’s a common tendency of the people, that they go on to spy on their better halves all the time, as it always bother them like where they go, the persons they meet, what time they are out and at what time they are in.

Don’t do that at all, give love some space and trust on your partner, as the more you trust the more they will let you know all the things you want to hear.

  • When to get some time for yourself


I know now you are “we” but remember at first you were an “I” too, so, have some time for yourself, where it’s only you and you can think upon what is good and what is not for you. Give yourself some personal space and ample amount of time, and don’t forget that you have a personal life too.

  • Don’t be a baby sitter


Do not baby sit your partner, and that includes to tell them what to wear and what to not, what to eat and what not to, as they are grown enough and it’s their life too so let them do what they want to, don’t impose law on them.

So, here are my some of the boundaries in a relationship which can prove that being in a boundaries never mean to control each other in a relationship.

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