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What is an Abusive Relationship?


Are you currently in Abusive Relationship?

Someone rightly said nothing in this world is perfect and so are the relationships, and one of them is Abusive Relationship.

We always go and look for the brighter aspects of a relationship that’s good, but we should not forget the fact that there is always another side of the moon which is always unseen.

That side is even darker and kind of evil as it brings out the harsh version of you in front of your partner.

Now what basically an Abusive Relationship is? It’s kind of certain series of rough behavior that we show to our partner, in order to show power and control over them.

It’s a kind of tantrum for the individuals where they forget all the good things ever happened to them, and all they want is to suppress the other half by any means possible.

Now what are the types of abuses which are going on in our society, which are as follows;

  1. Physical Abuse– In this type of torture basically the other half is being physically harmed, like may be slapping, punching or may be giving any kind of physical trauma to the other half.

This category is basically male dominated, as they are the dominating half in a relationship so they do so to show their supremacy over the feminine counterpart.

Beating, burning them alive, hurting them by any means is the common scenes of our society.

Ending any conversation by a physical blow is considered to be manly and respectful, because there is no other way you can loose the conversation with a girl.

  1. Emotional Abuse– It is said that some wounds never heal, and that goes with the emotional kind of abuses, as maybe you can recover with the physical blow but the wounds which are being given emotionally are rarely curable.


When the relationship doesn’t work out properly, emotional abuses are the common sights in our day to day life. Ignoring your partner or your better half, always finding ways to criticize, not seeing the good part or the good things ever happened rather going for the bad ones are the most common ways to torture someone emotionally.

  1. Financial Abuse– the worst in the list is financial abuse as you are outraging the self esteem of your partner by handling all their expenses and not allowing them to be self sufficient.


Here, the dominant partner cuts short all the resources by which the person can get economical support.

Not allowing them to work, not giving them any other economic commodities so that they can move on the wheel of life by their own.

Hence it diminishes the victim’s capacity to self support himself/ herself, keeping you out of contexts from the shared bank records, refusing you to give money, food, clothing or any other required commodities.

  1. Sexual Abuse– one of the most sensual in the list is sexual abuse, here the partner is forcefully dragged into the sexual activity without their will.

Kissing or touching someone without their consent, making them involve in any kind of sex forcefully, raping or attempt to rape, not using condoms or either allowing them to use any kind of birth control pills are the common forms of sexual abuse practiced in our society.


And it’s not like that if the victim didn’t resist for any of your act doesn’t come under sexual abuse, even its more severe as the victim even can’t blame anyone for that and only they are on their own.

  1. Digital Abuse– one of the biggest drawbacks of technology is the digital abuse, as through technology, we are always connected form one corner of the world to other, but at the same time it has also shown us the ill side of it.

Using social media like Facebook and Twitter to stalk someone, sending nude pics, slang to the other half, asking them their passwords of their personal accounts, forcing girls that you can’t be friends with other boys are the some of the forms of digital abyss.

And in a relationship all kinds of communication are important whether it is in phone or online, and you can’t force someone to make them do what they don’t want to.

As I mentioned above that no relationship is perfect, but no one is going to make it perfect for you, it’s you who will take the initiative and also the lead to make it happen.


Being the educated lots of our society never  practice such shits in your life and also never allow anyone in your society or peer group to do so.

Relationships are only about care and love for your partner not tormenting them with the shits like Abusive Relationship mentioned above.

Life is full of beautiful things to do and surely this abusive relationships are not one in the list and for more know hows about love and relationships visit Anniversary Roses.


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