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What Is Dating Violence?


Are you going through dating violence in your relationship?

Relationships are not always perfect, because we are human and we make mistakes too and one of the serious mistakes come in the form of dating violence.

We all love to be in a relationship, as we find a way to live the life, and a love of life as well, who teaches us to live life in the way the life is meant to live.


As we all know, love makes life alive, and being in a relationship is one of the best feelings a person can have in his lifetime, it gives us a reason to move on in life with joy and happiness.


The aura of being in a relationship is somewhat a magical feeling that makes us feel alive and kicking even when we are blue.

But time always takes the turn and that too with a twist, every sweet thing about a relationship starts becoming like a torture for the mates.

And that’s the time when they start acting in a different way than usual, they start reacting to the smallest of things, and it’s too late when you realize that things are not same as before.

It is said that relationships are made in heaven, that’s true, but the relationships are spoiled here on the Earth which is equally true for all of us.


Sometimes, the smallest of the misunderstandings can lead to many kinds of relationships spoiling factors and dating violence is one of them.

Dating violence brings out the worst version of a human which always need to be buried deep down, because that’s not we are supposed to do with our partner, as a relationship is meant to be carried forward with love and care, not by hurting someone by your deeds.

Now what basically we understand from dating violence?

The bookish definition of dating violence leads us to an assumption where everything seems so messy and tangled, by dating violence, we basically mean that any kind of intent or aggressive behavior.

Controlling your partner against her/his will, showing them supremacy or in other words, simply dictating them in every step of life also comes under dating violence.


It’s not necessary that it happens only in straight relationships, dating violence is equally influential in gay relationships as well.

The dating violence may include the factors like the verbal kind of violence which includes shouting at your partner, abusing them with slang language, shouting in public on the silliest of mistakes.

Yelling them and making their morale down in front of everyone is the most common thing to do in dating violence.

It also includes the physical violence, where the partner assaults the other partner physically, the intentions are hurting them to any extent.


Scar marks, bruises, swellings and may be fractures are the most common signs of the dating violence, that can be seen easily.

The person can recover from the physical violence, but what about the wounds which is being given to their inner self and on their soul.

I think that’s the worst kind of violence that is being done on a daily basis. Ignoring your partner, having an affair with another person, not telling them the things which they are suppose to know.


Relationships are just not about having a physical relationship, it’s all about the caring and nurturing your better half in the best of the way.

But people who are involved in dating violence, forget this mere fact, and all they want is fulfilling their sexual needs and get away.

The sexual violence is more common in dating violence, and the women are most of the times becoming the prey to vicious desires of predators, called and termed as men.

Now how to get away from dating violence?

Don’t forget the mere fact that you are not a slave to anyone, being in a relationship doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they want to their partner.


So, the first thing I want to suggest you, always be ready for toughest of situations, there will be times when it will seem that nothing is happening your way.

But you should not lose hope and learn how to fight back, learn to say no, as you are human beings too and it’s obvious that you will also have some desires and dreams.

Also learn when to stop, as in this kind of relationships basically things don’t go the same way it should be, so don’t be in a dilemma as you don’t have to to this, call it a day for your betterment.


You have to expect this fact that if you are the victim of dating violence, it’s not at all your fault, so don’t always be on the receiving end of crime.

Yes, you heard me right it’s a crime which can’t be neglected anyhow, and it’s our duty to make the society aware to stop this callous practice called dating violence.

God has given us this beautiful life to live and that too lovingly not to get involved in this kind of evil malpractices like dating violence.

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