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What Is Emotional Abuse In A Teenage Relationship?


Are You In An Emotional Abuse In A Teenage Relationship?

Emotional abuse in a teenage relationship is hiking in number day by day, and becoming one of the  greatest concerns in front of the society.

Someone said that relationships are made in heaven, true, but you also can’t deny the fact that we spoil it here, by our deeds.


When we are not in any kind of relationship it seems very catchy to our eyes to be in one, we do everything what we can to be in a relationship, and this implies especially on the teenagers.

Teenage, it’s the time when almost every day you are experiencing the feeling of true love with someone new, and we always want to get into a relationship with someone, as the feeling of being with someone always attracts us.


But getting into a relation is other thing and carrying it on with true spirit of happiness is another, and that’s what the teenagers lack, the true sense of commitment with someone.

When we are in a relationship with someone then it’s obvious that we will have some rough patches too and one of those rough patches include the abuses which are going on in teenage relationship, specially the emotional abuse in a teenage relationship.

And these kind of abuses are practiced in various forms, as they can be physical, sexual, verbal, digital and many more in the list to come forth.

But the one which today I am going to discuss is the most dangerous one, the emotional kind of abuse that is being done to the partners in a teenage relationship.

Now, there is a reason for which I mentioned it as the most dangerous of the lot, because the other abuses can be seen or they are visible on you, like the wounds, scars, sexual infections, abusive texts and so on.

And these wounds can be cured by applying some ointments or by taking some medicines, and are curable, but the wounds which you will get from the emotional abuse is very hard to cured.

It’s you and only you who will know that you are hurt and still you have to carry on with that, and believe me guys that’s the hardest part to do in life, because the wounds are being given to us by the same person we thought loved us once.

The worst part of emotional abuse is that we neglect the reality or we don’t want to see it from our eyes, we still believe that the abuser still loves us, the victim never wants to loose hope on the abuser.

But they forget the mere fact that it kills them slowly and also their soul, the smallest of joys, happiness and all the sense of well being erodes one by one from their life.

And it is a hard truth, that if still you are reading this article, then somewhere you too know it, that you are emotionally abused by your partner somehow at some point of life.


But inspite of all these facts you still wish, that someday the scenario will change and you will get what you want, but all you get is more pain and sorrow.

Now here are some of the signs that will help you to know that your partner is keeping you in emotional abuse in a teenage relationship:

1. He/she will continuously make efforts to make you feel low and depressed by taunting you and cracking silly jokes on you.

2. Inspite of all the pain you get, the abuser will refuse the fact that he/she has hurt you, he won’t be accountable of any of his acts and actions.

3. He/she will threaten you in many ways and will make you do unwanted work, even if that work is not worthy enough.

4. He/she will always make all efforts to lie to you and to confuse you in all the matters.

5. Your relationship will be like a feeling of mixed emotions, as their will be a moment when your partner will be loving you and the other moment he won’t even hesitate to bully you.

6. They will always abandon you even in the times you will need them the most.

7. The abuser will be always jealous of you, not only with the people you meet, but also with your goals and ambitions.

8. Everyday there will be hike in the number of arguments and the number will escalate day by day even on small issues.


9. You will get nervous around the abuser, as you will always think that how can I make him/her happy.

10. You will also be made economically abused by your intimating partner, as your partner will find it more convincing way of emotionally abusing you by cutting short all your economical sources.

As these are the signs of emotional abuse, like if you see all these signs then you can know it yourself that you are emotionally abused.


But if still you are emotionally abused then what are the ways to get away form it,so here are the some of ways which can save you from emotional abuse in a teenage relationship:

  1. The best way to get away from an emotional abuse is to get away from that relationship, if not, then try to get your power and authorities back.
  2. Let your partner know that you aren’t going to be always in the receiving end of crime, as there is a limit too.


3. Always know your rights, that you are not below than anyone, not even your partner, so know your rights and fight for them.

4. Know when to say goodbye, and always be ready to move on in your life, as you can’t change your partner then you have to take this step for your betterment.

5. And remember this fact that you too deserve respect and love, as you are no slave to anyone, not even your so called partner.

Mates, never blame yourself when you are in this kind of relationship, it’s not at all your fault, Believe me you surely deserve much more, and we all know it’s better late than never.

So, fight for your rights and for yourself because it’s your identity which is on stake and for more updates visit Anniversary Roses.


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