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What Makes A Good Relationship


How do you define a good relationship?

In today’s world, it’s easy to find god, but not a good relationship, as we live in a world where we can’t trust on anyone and it’s more like a virtual world where no one is truly yours.

It’s only you who is responsible for all your deeds and relationships, whether you continue it with high spirit or you continue to end it in a mess, totally depends on you.


Now, what should I tell you about a good relationship? Because this whole concept is not a concrete one, as it varies from person to person.

It may happen that for me the definition of a good relationship is different and for you it may be different, then what’s actually an good relationship is, let’s find it out.


A good relationship means different things to different people, relationships are of many types, they can be friendship or any family relationship, but the good relationship is based on many important factors that are very much essential to hold a relationship, if we are fullfilling the entire good factors then we can say that the relationship is a good relationship.


And my top four  factors in the list which are responsible in making of a good relationship are : Friendship, understanding, trust and good communication.

To categorize a relationship into good or bad, there can be many criteria, and there must be many ways to segregate a relationship into good or bad.


And I am sure, the person who are indulging themselves into abusive relationships and dating violence surely can’t be considered to be in a good relationship.

So, here are my top four points that truly contribute to make a relationship good:

Friendship: The starting stage of a relation in which both the individuals become friends with each other, or you can say it’s the base of a good relationship, as if you are expecting a relationship to be good then first learn to be a good friend.


Understanding: If you want to cement a relation then first learn to understand each other, as how much your partner understands you and your feelings, each and every problems, come under the word understanding and that makes a relationship good.

Trust: It’s one of the pillars on which the relationship stands, without it you can’t even think to have a relationship, as the word itself defines how much your partner believes you in any kind of situation that comes your way of life.


Good Communication: The most important thing which is needed in any kind of relationship especially in a good relationship is good communication, sharing everything with your partner whether it is good or bad.

Relationships vary to every individuals but having a good relation in your life makes you feel special and that relation can be of any type, it can be of friendship or siblings or may be with the one you love.


If you are having good relation then you can achieve any goal that is because of the close relation that you are having that motivates you every time, and it gives you values, that will show you the path to walk, till you reach your goal .

Today, if you ask anyone that what is the correct meaning of a good relation then the answer would be simple, as a relationship is said to be good if there is a meaningful and genuine connection between two or more people in which they love each other and stay together .


A good relationship inspires you every time to change an impossible thing into a possible one, helps you to reach the gateway of success.

A relationship holds a very special place and power in people’s life, for which they can do anything. The happiness of doing something for your partner makes you feel great and takes you in a most valuable place in his/her life.


Life is not empty, it is filled with many aspects for which we struggle, one of the most important thing in life is struggling for the happiness of your partner which is essential for good relationship.

Relationships are easy to make but it is very difficult to continue them, because relationship holds many duties and responsibilities that are attached with your partner and your life.

so, we have to manage and fullfill all the aspects that are necessary for the relationship.


And if we have all the aspects like love, care, trust, understanding and many other things with our partner, then surely we can say that we are in a good relationship.

A good connection between two people makes a relationship strong, so a proper connection with your loved ones plays a pivotal role in making a good relationship.

Good relationships are the core part of ones life, which is always needed to be happy and to feel special.

good relationship

Guys it’s our choices which make a relationship good or bad, and our choices define our life and what kind of relationship we want to be in.

Life is too short to live without caring about others, so try to make it count at the fullest and for more relationship updates visit Anniversary Roses.


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