Valentine's Day

10 Best Recipes for Valentine’s Day

maple syrup

Valentine’s day is coming fast, it is better to have some preparations for it in advance, here I am going to suggest you some of the most delicious recipes for this year’s Valentine’s Day, which can create a lot of water in your sweetheart’s mouth and love in their heart.

  1. Maple Salmon110614_0806_10BestRecip1.jpg

It is perhaps the easiest to prepare and most delicious dish that can be made out of salmon. If you have never tried or just do not like Salmon than try this and I am sure that you will start loving it.

  1. Cajun Chicken Pasta110614_0806_10BestRecip2.jpg

If you want to add some fun on your dinner table and dare to mix the things with it up then try this. Just serve it with corn bread.

  1. Four Cheese Margherita Pizza110614_0806_10BestRecip3.jpg

It is an outstanding form of Italian classic, in which feta cheese gives it a rich flavor. It is incredibly easy to make with a phenomenal taste.

  1. Paper Chicken110614_0806_10BestRecip4.jpg

It is very relish seasoned deep fried chicken; this paper wrapped chicken is very famous chinese dish that is very popular in china, singapore and hongkong.

  1. Banana Spring Rolebest recipe for valentine day

These are deep fried bananas rolled in spring roll pastries. It is very easy to make, it taste delicious with ice cream and believe me you just cannot find as simple as that.

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