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Top 10 Love Quotes on Valentine’s Day

love quotes on Valentine's Day cover

Valentine’s Day is more than 2 months away but the romance is already in the air!

Love is something which is hard to express but very easy to feel. It is an invisible force that will hit you at some point in the life.

It has different kinds. It has nothing to with a boy or a girl. It is one’s feeling with another with pleasure and it is called as love.

love quotes on Valentine's Day cover

It has no limit and has no boundaries. With this regard, we are going to take you on a ride of ten beautiful love quotes that will explain the feeling and purity of it.

1. Existence

love quotes on Valentine's Day


Because love is immortal and it will always exist in every corner of the world. It took place in wars, freedom struggles, rebellion and every society because it has no boundary and can happen any time.

 2. Ultimate Power

love quotes on Valentine's Day


Because it is the ultimate power in the world. It has conquered everything. We have enormous amount of instances that how love break the boundaries of caste, color, creed and nationality. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa personify the great power of lover that establish peace and harmony in the world.

3. Best Feeling

love quotes on Valentine's Day


It is an unprecedented feeling that happens once in a lifetime. It should never be hide in the corner of the heart but should be express without any feeling of shame and guilt. It should be feel and enjoy with pure motive of loving each other without any worry.

4- No condition

love quotes on Valentine's Day


As i said before, It has no boundaries of caste, color, creed and nationality. Same as, love has no condition for each other. In love we accept each other with no fake expectations and conditions. As a matter of fact, We accept each other with lots of flaws because this is how our relationship shines, Because we learn how to stay with each other despite being not perfect.

5- Inner Voice

love quotes on Valentine's Day


This quote generally solidify the theory of “Love at first sight”. At one point of life we all find someone that our heart says, this is the one. It is just not because of looks and behavior of that person but the inner feeling inside us suggest that this might be the one person you are waiting in your life.

6- Humblest Power

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Love is invisible and consist strong and powerful elements that can shake the world. But despite of being the strongest force in the world, love reflects peace and harmony. It is the most humble and imaginative feeling one can use for the prosperity of the universe.

7-  Heart Matters


The biggest reason why people feel in love is because of the song that heart sings. It has nothing to do with high personality, captivating looks and bank balance, it is a feeling of strong bonding and affection for each other than nobody else feels besides you.

8- Every Person is lovely

love quotes on Valentine's Day


You don’t expect to be in love until you don’t get to know each other. Love on first sight is the result of instant crush and attraction but it is not true love. This is applicable for boys and girls. A person doesn’t show up everything to everyone, you need to be very special and close one to know how beautiful and lovely human being they are.

9- One Sweet Heart

love quotes on Valentine's Day


Because we are bound to be in love with someone we deserve at certain time. Our heart is the most delicate thing we have and this is the reason we have only one heart. When two hearts find each other, they make a once in a lifetime story.

10- Respect, Trust and Compromise


love quotes on Valentine's Day


Because love, respect and mutual understanding is the ultimate key of happiness of relationship. It is something which you cant measure with a tag of candle lit dinner, shopping, kisses, hugs and others. it is based on mutual concern and understanding. It is based on how you treat each other with respect and more over it has no place for ego but lovely compromises.


Which quotation you can correlate to yourself? Let us know by commenting in the box below. Stay tuned to Anniversary Roses.


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