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Valentine’s Day Origin Story

St. Valentine

The Untold Story About the Much Awaited Celebration of the Year

Time of the year is about to strike, when the love will be in the air. Yes, we are talking about the Valentine’s Day. It is one of the most popular celebrations among couples of all ages worldwide

Valentine’s Day, which was originally named as St. Valentine’s Day is a celebration that takes place on the 14th of February every year.

It is a celebration of love in which every year millions of couples celebrate this beloved festival by exchanging cards, candy, flowers or gift with their loved ones.

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But the question is that, how did it started? Who started it ? Well, lets have a brief discussion about it.

Valentine’s Day Origin

Valentine's Day story

It has many stories but the most popular ones reflect the martyrdom of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day was originated from St. Valentine’s name. He was the priest of the Rome, who served in the third century.

It was decided by the emperor Claudius II, that only single men will be the best soldiers for the country, he decided to outlaw marriage for young boys and girls.

St. Valentine realized that this is completely unfair and continued to perform marriage rituals for young couples in secret. When it was discovered, Valentine was labelled as the rebel of  country and he was sentenced to death.

St. Valentine

Other stories suggest that Valentine was killed, when he was trying to help Christians from escaping harsh Romans.

Valentine’s Day: The Day of Love

It is said that in honor of St. Valentine, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. It is so because in the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th February as the St. Valentine’s Day. Many believed that in 18th and 19th century it was commonly accepted and celebrated in France and Britain first.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day

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It was initially started as only single day celebration for couples to express their feelings for each other and to propose each other, however it has now become a full week of romance.

Valentine’s Day is the last day of Valentine’s week, which begins with 6 more lovely days that includes: –

  • Rose day on 7th February
  • Propose Day on 8th February
  • Chocolate Day on 9th February
  • Teddy Day on 10th February
  • Promise Day on 11th February
  • Hug Day on 12th February
  • Kiss Day on 13th February
  • Valentine’s Day on 14th February
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So, overall it is labelled as the festival of lovers and several activities take place in Valentine’s week from 7th to 14th February. Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day for lovers around the world. It is the day, when people express their love and affection for each other.

As I said, it takes place for seven long days, It includes many heart melting activities that includes promising your love for loving and supporting each other for entire life, gifting each other with lovely things.

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Commercial Significance of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s week has its own historical and commercial significance for which let’s have a quick look on the 10 fascinating facts of Valentine’s Day.

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  • More than 45,000 Americans are employed in chocolate factory that specially provides employment for Valentine’s Day preparation.
  • It is the second most card sharing festival after Christmas.
  • Red Rose is the mostly used rose on Valentine’s Day.
  • It is surreal that on an average an American spends $110 and French spends $102 on Valentine’s Day gifts, meals and other expenses.
  • Around 9 Billion candies are sold every year on Valentine’s week.
  • Chocolate day is a very important day of Valentine’s week but the first Chocolate box for Valentine’s Day was introduced in 1868 by Richard Cadbury.
  • 199,000,000 is the amount of roses produces specially for Valentine’s week.
  • On an average 6 Million people propose their respective crush for marriages.
  • Britain and France made Valentine’s Day popular in the 19th century.
  • It is globally celebrated in order to increase sales.

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